Penton SmartReach

Audience Extension

Extend your reach with audience-based targeting

Outperform traditional display advertising
with Audience Extension by serving ads
to a targeted universe of active and
engaged users.

Now you can leverage the power of Penton brands with our Audience Extension program which utilizes Penton and thousands of other sites across the web, including placements on the most recognized, respected and visited sites out there. Plus, you’ll be able to tap into a network of 250+ business sites focused on local markets, specialty topics and select sites for broadcast media and newspapers.

Once identified, prospects can be served ads on brand-safe sites across 98% of the web!

If a user visits a Penton website, receives an email from a Penton brand or advertiser, or is part of a targeted audience pool, you can extend and reach who you want, by serving targeted ads to them – increasing exposure, visibility and overall responsiveness.

5 easy ways to extend reach and increase engagement with your prospects

Reach highly qualified prospects from Penton’s highly
respected brands

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