Penton SmartReach: Information Technology

Reach the right decision makers in high tech companies across the US. Penton SmartReach data reaches deep into the IT/Technology market. You’ll be able to select those with specific purchasing budgets, project involvement, purchasing authority, as well as a bevy of other selections to help you hone in on your best prospect.

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Penton SmartReach Contacts

Joann Kropp - strategic partnerships
Joann Kropp

VP, Customer Data Solutions
Strategic Partnerships

Rosalie Garcia - List and DM sales
Rosalie Garcia

Strategic List Sales Manager
List and DM Sales:
Wealth Management, Meetings, Commercial Real Estate Technology, Food, Restaurant, Aviation and multi-market sales

Zach Sherman - List and DM sales
Zach Sherman

Digital Sales Representative
List and DM Sales:
Natural Products, Building Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and Transportation and multi-market sales